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Leah Durner, fine artist
projects: website, printed postcards, e-postcards 

"I asked Rosemary to design my website because I appreciated her minimal, elegant, and subtle design sensibility (with a dash of hip and humor for flavor!). Here is a designer who truly understands and allows the open space in a design to be as important as the text and images to achieve balance and clarity. 
Rosemary works with a keen knowledge of both contemporary and historical design trends. Being a "design junkie" myself it was tremendous fun to work with someone who loves design in all its manifestations.  
The process of working with Rosemary was truly collaborative--starting with a discussion of the goal of my website and sharing examples of design that we liked. Rosemary and I had an ongoing dialogue during the design process and she consistently responded quickly and creatively to requests and ideas and she returned calls and billed and completed stages on time.
Rosemary has also worked on other design projects for me and I trust her to continue working with me on my next printed pieces--catalogue and card design, etc, that represent my art."